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Zelengora All Inclusive Special

7-day ALL INCLUSIVE package

650,00 eura

Number of nights 6
Additional price per night
Number of meals - 17 meals
All meals and drinks included in the price - NO ADDITIONAL COSTS
All Inclusive
Discounts for larger groups
Za grupe 8 +

Zelengora Special - All Inclusive offer

A totally crazy offer for those who want everything right away. Rafting Tara, Perućica rainforest and Skakavac waterfall, Zelengore lakes, Trnovačko lake, Sutjeska National Park, Foča, Sand pyramids, luxury accommodation with private pool in the heart of Sutjeska National Park. All inclusive offer that includes literally everything from start to finish (non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, all food, all meals, transportation, guides, taxes and insurance, stay in villas with private pool, bicycles, and much more…) EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. We believe that you will not read further, but will reserve this arrangement immediately. If you book this arrangement, you are entitled to an additional 2 days of free stay in our center.

  • 6 nights in our center
  • 17 meals
  • 5 TOP trips
  • Perućica Rainforest
  • Rafting Tara
  • Trnovacko lake
  • Lakes on Zelengora mountain 
  • Sand Pyramids and Foca

Day 1 Wellcome 

Your arrival at our center in NP Sutjeska where you will find a warm homemade dinner, music and relaxation with drinks and the cleanest air in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Please note that drinks are provided on site and everything you drink during your stay is included in the price and is free of charge. 

Day 2 Rainforest Perucica

After coffee and breakfast, we meet our guide for today who will explain the basic information about our today's trek through the Perućica rainforest. Today we go on a trip through the rainforest and visit the most attractive locations, lookouts and descend to the center and the heart of Perućica - Skakavac waterfall. For all excursions, food, drinks, transportation, guides and all other things necessary for the excursions we organize are provided. More detailed information about the trip to the Perućica rainforest can be found at this LINK.

Adequate hiking shoes are mandatory for this trip (boots, trekking sneakers or some footwear over the wrist) Lunch is planned at the location of the Skakavac waterfall, after which we return to our center where we will have a hot shower, homemade dinner and homemade plum brandy. Socializing with music and going to bed. We remind you that we offer single, double and triple lux rooms with separate entrances, private bathroom with shower and balcony with a view. The facilities provide fast and free Wi Fi network, TV room, living room, private parking under video surveillance, as well as a swimming pool for guests of the center. You can see our accommodation on this LINKU

Day 3 Rafting Tara 

The third day of the stay is reserved for the most attractive adventure in our area. We believe that you have all heard of the popular rafting on the Tara River, rafting through the deepest canyon in Europe for 25 kilometers. A top adventure lasting 4-5 hours is exactly what we need for today. 

After coffee and breakfast, we take our transport to the rafting center in Bastasi, where we borrow rafting equipment, and with our skipper and jeeps we drive along the forest road to the starting point for rafting - Brštenovica.

25 kilometers of pure and untouched nature, numerous attractive rapids that leave everyone breathless will make this day unforgettable. All our guides as well as skippers are professionals in their work and are trained for their job, so you are in safe hands. 

The duration of the descent depends on the water level of the river, but it is on average 4 hours, after which the pier to the camp on Bastasi awaits us, where we pay off our equipment, take a shower and have dinner. Read more about rafting on this LINK

After lunch at the rafting center, we return to Tjentište to our center, where in the evening we will have a home-made dinner and drinks with music.

Day 4. Visit Foča city and and sand pyramids 

After two days of top adventures through the Perućica rainforest and rafting on the Tara River, it's time for a slightly easier trip to rest and prepare for tomorrow.

After coffee and breakfast, we take our transport to the town of our count Foča, which is about 20 kilometers away from Tjentište. Optional tour of the city and visit to the Aladži mosque, the temple of St. Sava, a tour of the old part of the city as well as the confluence of the Drina and Ćehotina. With our guide you will visit the most attractive locations in the city center as well as the natural phenomenon of the sand pyramid not far from the city. After visiting all the destinations, we stop by our restaurant in the city center - Caffe Pizzeria Mozart, where lunch, dessert and drinks await us. In the afternoon we return to our center on Tjentište where we enjoy the sunset by the pool. 

After dinner, socializing by the fire and going to sleep, because tomorrow we will see the jewel of the Piva Nature Park and the pride of all Montenegrins, Bosnians and Herzegovinians - Trnovačko Lake - a heart-shaped lake.

Day 5. Hiking to Trnovacko lake

Just like rafting, you have probably all heard of the ultra-popular Trnovačko Lake, which is located in Montenegro at an altitude of 1517 meters above sea level. We are just going to this unique place where we will feel and see all the beauties of Mother Nature, ride through the rainforest, pass under the highest peak of BiH Maglić and enjoy Travarica waiting for us on the lake. For this arrangement as well as for all the others we have provided lunch packages, water and fittings so you don’t have to worry about anything. Your only concern is that the phone's battery is charged and the memory card is ready for a bunch of new pictures and videos. We stay on the lake for 4-5 hours and depending on the time of year it is possible to swim in the same (June, July, August). For this trip, plan to have 4 hours of moderate weight.

Hot water is waiting for you in our center, and dinner after which we continue our socializing with a campfire, drinks and music. Tomorrow we will find Lakes Zelengora, Lakes Gornje and Donje Bare as well as the most beautiful lookout point of the National Park - Borić Lookout Tower.

Day 6. Visit lake of Zelengora mountain

Just as the cake is decorated with whipped cream at the end, so this package of ours is spiced with the most beautiful trip for the very end. A visit to the lakes Zelengora Gornji and Donji Bare and the Borić lookout will be etched in your memory for a lifetime. Believe me when we tell you that you will return to this place for the rest of your life because they are simply rare but very rare who do not currently fall in love with Zelengora and its lakes. 

After coffee and breakfast with our guide and vehicles we embark on a new adventure. After an hour of driving through the forest we come to our first destination for today, which is the lake Gornje Bare which is located at 1515 m above sea level. Green valleys dotted with a wide array of beautiful colors that come from a variety of flowers, and the scent of more than 150 species of medicinal herbs spreads throughout the mountain we just can not help but wonder if this is real, maybe in paradise or just dreaming. This is the reality this is Zelengora. 

After visiting the upper ponds, we return to the transport and continue towards another lake for today, the lake Donje Bare. The most difficult battles in this area took place at this location during World War II, and the territory where Lake Donje Bare is located was an insurmountable obstacle where the partisans won a convincing victory over the occupier. The lake is slightly turquoise and is located at 1475 meters above sea level. it is rich in fish, but fishing is prohibited on this lake. At only 15 minutes from the lake there is, we dare say, probably the most beautiful lookout point in this area, but also in the wider area - Borić viewpoint

The viewpointt is located between Siljevica and Planinica, from where you can see the entire canyon and mountains Vučevo, Maglić, Volujak, Perućica rainforest, Dragoš saddle and Prijevor, Tjentište valley, the remains of the old towns Vratar and Vratac, as well as Kosman. The altitude of the Borić lookout is 1475 m.

A meal is planned at the lookout point after which we head back to the lake where our transport is waiting for us to return back.

On the way back to Tjentište, while waiting for dinner to be served, we visit the monument of the Battle of Sutjeska, the Museum and the largest outdoor pool in the Balkans, which is located in the center of the park. We return to our center where dinner and drinks await us. By hanging out with music and campfire, we are slowly closing our travel book for this trip, hoping to meet again soon, maybe again at Sutjeska, and if not in your city. New friendships are made on all trips, so it is not uncommon for us to be guests in your cities. 

Day 7. Thanks for everything and see you soon again, we hope so  

Every journey has its beginning but also its end. But after each one, new adventures begin. After breakfast and coffee, it's time to say goodbye, but with the difference that, unlike the first day, we are now friends and with the hope that in the future we will create some new stories together and go on new adventures together. 

Thank you for your trust.

Your zelengora.ba team

Meeting location
Green Villas Tjentište
The price includes
Contents and notes
  • The minimum number of participants for the implementation of the arrangement is 4 people
  • The minimum recommended age of participants is 15 years.
  • No previous experience is required.
  • Prices are in euros, per person.
  • All arrangements can be extended, combined, etc. by agreement.
  • We reserve the right to assess whether a person has a minimum of physical fitness for this arrangement.
  • Discounts for groups 4+


* Note for the menu:

  • Vegetarian food, food that excludes certain foods and similarly please order before starting the arrangement.

Let the adventure begin, see you at Tjentište.

your zelengora.ba team

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